b4apres Media is a collective of vibrant characters eager for an avenue to express their artistic flair in a meaningful way whilst experiencing the times in which we live.

b4apres Media was initiated by Anthony Bonello with the sole vision of bringing together talented individuals who share a common aim to creatively merge mountain pursuits with honest journalism. With a keen sense of adventure coupled with an ear and eye for the human stories that abound, b4apres took shape with the goal of traveling to Kashmir in Northern India to produce a film that captures the culture, people and landscape of this forgotten paradise.

b4apres continues to evolve, attracting individuals from all walks of life seeking adventure and creative projects with a positive message.

Think citizen journalism with a google tan. Think conscientious endorphine addicts. Think whatever you like…

As of late at the Golden Globes while getting the Cecil B. DeMille Award the American performing artist Meryl Streep represented opportunity of the media. I also bolster opportunity of the media. In any case, the further inquiry is whether that opportunity is by and large appropriately utilized in light of a legitimate concern for the general population. I present that the Indian media, with a few exemptions, is for the most part utilized in an enemies of individuals way.

Truly, the media emerged in Western Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years as an organ of the general population against medieval persecution. Around then every one of the organs of intensity were in the hands of the medieval (rulers, blue-bloods, and so on). Consequently the general population needed to make new organs which would speak to their interests in their battles against the primitive experts. What’s more, the most dominant organ they made was the media, which around then was just in print frame, and that too not as every day papers but rather flyers, leaflets, and so on. This new media spoke to the voice of things to come, as differentiated to the medieval organs of intensity which needed to safeguard the norm. That is the reason the press wound up known as the Fourth Estate.

The Indian media ought to assume a job like the dynamic pretended by the media in Europe amid the transitional period (from feudalism to a cutting edge society).

Incredible authors, for example, Voltaire, Rousseau, Thomas Paine, Junius (whose genuine name regardless we don’t have the foggiest idea), John Wilkes, and so forth utilized this new medium to assault feudalism and religious dogmatism. Along these lines, the print medium assumed a noteworthy job in changing primitive Europe to present day Europe.

In the Age of Enlightenment in Europe the print media spoke to the voice of reason. Voltaire assaulted religious bias and superstitions, and Rousseau assaulted primitive oppression. Diderot said that “Man will be free when the last lord is choked with the insides of the last cleric.” Thomas Paine announced the Rights of Man, and Junius assaulted the oppressive George III and his priests (see Will Durant’s The Story of Civilization: Rousseau and Revolution). Louis XVI, while in the Temple jail saw books by Voltaire and Rousseau in the jail library and said that these two people had devastated France. Truth be told, what they had wrecked was not France but rather the medieval request. In the nineteenth century the renowned essayist Emile Zola in his article “J’ Accuse” blamed the French government for erroneously detaining Captain Dreyfus in Devil’s Island simply because he was a Jew.

As I would see it the Indian media ought to assume a job like the dynamic pretended by the media in Europe amid the transitional period (from feudalism to a cutting edge society). At the end of the day, the Indian media should enable our nation to get over the progress time frame and turned into a cutting edge mechanical State. This it can do by assaulting in reverse, medieval thoughts and practices, for example, casteism, communalism and superstitions—and advancing current logical and balanced thoughts. It should help the Indian individuals in their battles for a superior life. In any case, is it doing as such?

As I would like to think a huge area of the Indian media (especially the electronic media) does not serve the interests of the general population. Indeed, some of it is emphatically enemies of individuals. Rather than assuming a dynamic job, it is frequently doing the turn around, in light of the fact that it has to a great extent been assumed control by corporates and huge representatives who need it to serve their own advantages, instead of the interests of the general population.

The fundamental issues of our kin are extraordinary neediness, monstrous joblessness, absence of human services and great training, outrageous malnourishment (especially on account of kids), agriculturist suicides, boundless casteism, communalism, superstitions, and victimization Dalits, ladies, religious minorities and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Our media… tries to extend non-issues or technicalities as though they are the main problems of the country, while pushing the main problems to the sidelines.

Rather than focussing on these essential issues of the general population, a great part of the media tries to redirect consideration from them, and rather features Bollywood, lives of movie stars, cricket, babas, crystal gazing, unscripted TV dramas, design marches, unimportant governmental issues (which has slid to the most minimal dimension in our nation), and so on. At the end of the day, our media (with a few special cases) looks to extend non-issues or details as though they are the main problems of the country, while pushing the main problems to the sidelines.

For example, for a considerable length of time our media stifled the rancher suicides, until an incredible columnist, P. Sainath figured out how to convey it to general society’s notice by his extreme examinations.

The Roman Emperors used to state that on the off chance that you can’t give the general population bread give them bazaars. Quite a bit of our media appears to state, on the off chance that you can’t give the general population bread give them film stars, cricket, soothsaying, popular music. Cricket today is the opium of the Indian masses, doled out by the media to the naïve open. Crystal gazing is truly superstition, while what the nation needs is logical thoughts.

Huge space is given by our media to business, and almost no to social segments like wellbeing and instruction. Most media journalists center around the film stars, design marches, popular music, and so forth and not many take care of the lives and issues of laborers, agriculturists, understudies, sex specialists, and so on.

A few years back, The Hindu distributed that a quarter million ranchers submitted suicide over the most recent 15 years. A Lakmé Fashion week was secured by 512 certify columnists. In that design week ladies were showing cotton articles of clothing, while the people who developed that cotton were killing themselves a hour’s departure from Nagpur in the Vidarbha district. No one recounted that story aside from a couple of columnists locally.

The media inclusion of instruction concentrates (if by any means) on the tip top universities like the IITs, however there is next to no inclusion of the situation of the a huge number of elementary schools, especially in rustic regions.

In Europe the uprooted laborers landed positions in the plants which were coming up in light of the Industrial Revolution. In India, then again, modern occupations are currently rare. Numerous factories have shut down and have turned out to be land. The activity drift in assembling has seen a sharp decay in the course of the most recent 15 years. For example, TISCO utilized 85,000 specialists in 1991 in its steel plant which at that point produced 1 million tons of steel. In 2005 it made 5 million tons of steel however with just 44,000 laborers. In the mid-90s Bajaj was creating 1 million bikes with 24,000 specialists. By 2004 it was creating 2.4 million units with 10,500 laborers.

Most media journalists center around the film stars, design marches, popular music, and so on and not many take care of the lives and issues of laborers, ranchers, understudies, sex specialists, and so forth.

Where at that point do these a great many uprooted laborers go? They go to urban communities where they wound up household hirelings, road sellers or even crooks. It is evaluated that there are 1 to 2 lakh pre-adult young ladies from Jharkhand filling in as house keepers in Delhi. Prostitution is uncontrolled in all urban areas, because of contemptible destitution.

In the field of social insurance, it might be called attention to that the quantity of quacks in each city in India is a few times the quantity of normal specialists. This is on the grounds that the needy individuals can’t bear to go to an ordinary specialist. In provincial zones the condition is more terrible. The administration specialists presented on essential wellbeing focuses more often than not seek multi day or two every month, and run their private nursing homes in the urban communities whatever is left of the time.

In “Sparkling” India, the kid ailing health figures are among the most noticeably bad on the planet. As indicated by UN information, the level of underweight kids beneath the age of 5 years in the poorest nations on the planet is 25% in Guinea Bissau, 27% in Sierra Leone, 38% in Ethiopia, and 47% in India. The normal family in India is expending 100 kilograms of nourishment grains short of what it completed 10 years prior (see P. Sainath’s “Slumdogs versus Moguls”).

This is to a great extent disregarded by our media which turns a Nelson’s eye to the cruel monetary substances looking up to 80% of our kin, and rather focuses on some Potemkin towns where all is excitement and the big time. Our media is to a great extent like Queen Marie Antoinette, who when informed that the general population have no bread, supposedly said that they could eat cake.

Today India is going through a horrible transitional period in its history—the change from primitive horticultural society to present day modern culture, which as I would see it will last an additional 20 years or something like that. The transitional time is a difficult and fierce period ever. On the off chance that one peruses the historical backdrop of Europe from the sixteenth to the nineteenth hundreds of years (when Europe was going through its change) one finds that it was brimming with disturbance, wars, upsets, social bedlam, and so on. It was simply in the wake of experiencing this fire current society rose in Europe.

India is by and by experiencing that fire. We are experiencing a difficult period in our history, which I speculation will last an additional 20 years or something like that. In this transitional period the job of thoughts turns out to be essential, and thusly the job of the media turns out to be imperative, in light of the fact that the media isn’t a normal business which bargains in products, it manages thoughts. It is the obligation of every single enthusiastic Indian, including media people, to help abbreviate this transitional period and make it less excruciating, so India turns into a cutting edge, ground-breaking, mechanical power, with every one of its kin (and not only a bunch) driving OK and prosperous lives, with nourishment, work, social insurance, training, and so forth accessible to the majority. For this it is fundamental for educated people, including the media, to advance present day and logical thoughts and battle in reverse and medieval thoughts and practices like casteism, communalism and superstitions.

Rather than pandering to the low tastes of the Indian masses our media should spread logical and normal reasoning…

However, is the Indian media carrying out its devoted responsibility? Almost certainly there are s

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